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Creating an Atmosphere of Excellence and Warmth

From its inception in the heart of Amsterdam, Savini has been a bastion of Italian culinary excellence. Learn about our story, from the humble beginnings to becoming a beloved dining destination.

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The charm of italy

At the Heart of Amsterdam

Discover a corner of Italy in Amsterdam at Savini, where the ambiance whispers tales of Italian allure. Our location, a fusion of city vibrance and Italian tranquility, sets the stage for an authentic dining escapade.

A warm Environment

Elegant & Cosy Interior

Step into Savini's embrace, a space where rustic charm meets contemporary elegance. Here, each corner is curated to make your dining experience not just a meal, but a warm gathering of moments.

A Tranquil Retreat in the City

Our Outdoor Veranda

Our veranda at Spui 1 offers an idyllic Italian escape amidst the vibrant pulse of Amsterdam. It's the perfect spot to enjoy the freshest flavors from our kitchen, complemented by the serene backdrop of the city's charm.

Doing things the right way

Our Ethos

Family Heritage

Savini is a family saga told through flavors. Each dish is a testament to our family's dedication to Italian traditions and the joy of shared meals.

Authentic Recipes

Our menu is a curated collection of authentic Italian recipes, each dish bearing the signature of Italy's rich gastronomic legacy.

Modern Infusion

While we honor tradition, we aren't afraid to add a modern twist. Innovation meets authenticity on your plate at Savini.

Freshness First

The secret to our cuisine's vibrancy is simple: fresh, locally sourced ingredients that speak of the season's bounty.

Artisanal Approach

Every ingredient is chosen with care, every dish crafted with precision. At Savini, artisanal skill is our standard.

Sustainable Table

We believe in sustainability, from our kitchen practices to our table. Dining with us is enjoying a meal that respects our planet.

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